Weekend Casanova Report: Romania, Brasov

Brasov is located in central Romania, and is perhaps one of the most desirable cities in Romania, as well as one of the last true livable medieval cities in the world. It’s a picturesque city surrounded by mountains and 14th-century Saxon buildings. It’s a popular destination for tourists in Europe during all seasons. During the winter, tourists come to ski on the nearby mountains, and during the summer, Mount Tampa is a big draw. Fairly hidden from Western tourists, however, I decided to take a two-week trip into the heart of Transylvania to see what it had to offer in terms of women, as well as taking in a few sights here and there.

Transportation/Tips on getting to Brasov: 

If you’re going to Brasov, you’ll likely be landing in Otopeni at Henri Coandă Airport (OTP). It’s a fairly modern airport located just outside of bucharest itself. From Henri Coandă Airport, you can catch a bus on the bottom level just under the ‘Arrivals’ hall for 7 Lei (~$1.5 USD). The bus you need to catch is the 780 which takes you to Gara de Nord, the North Railway Station in Bucharest. It’s roughly a 30-minute ride, and is pretty depressing. The bus is dark, cold, and won’t be the highlight of your conquest through Romania. If you wish, you can take a cab for $30 USD, which I will likely take next time.

From Gara de Nord, you can simply walk to the ticketing booth, and order a ticket to Brasov for 27 Lei give or take a few. The trains leave pretty frequently, and take about 2.5 hours to get to Brasov. They’re fairly modern, but you won’t be provided food on them.

My recommendation would be to book a train a few days in advance on the CFR website. You can’t book it 24-hours in advance, so you can’t book it last minute. These CFR trains that require reservations are more modern than the last-minute trains, are warmer, and have better wifi/outlets to plug in your devices. Also, if you book online in advance you get a 10% discount.

Once you arrive to Brasov, you may be a bit confused. There aren’t any lit-up signs saying “Hey, you’re in paradise”, so instead be on the lookout for a broken down ‘Brasov’ sign. Once you’re out of the train, just follow the crowd of people, and hail a taxi to your location. If you follow my advice, and you pick an apartment/hotel near the centre of town, the taxi read will only cost you 10-15 lei (3-5 USD).

Transportation around Brasov is fairly easy with buses, however, I stuck to cabs. Cabs in Brasov are dirt cheap. Note: Look for old taxi drivers with their price-per-KM listed on the side of their cabs. My Romanian AirBnB host says that the old drivers are honest, and while their english won’t be good – you’ll likely pay 1/3 of the price that you would with someone else.


If you’re going to Brasov, you’d be a fool not to find an apartment near the main square (Piața Sfatului). You can find a place for relatively cheap. I found mine for $30CAD a night on Nicolae Balcescu, a 5-minute walk from the main plaza. I also recommend AirBnB. My host was great, and ended up giving me some pointers about where to go for girls, nightlife etc. She even brought me out to drinks and introduced me to some friends. My recommendation: when booking an apartment, ask if your host will give you some tips, and show you around. Most are on AirBnB to meet interesting, foreign people, so they’ll happily oblige.

It doesn’t really matter what season you come during, you’ll generally always be able to find a place last-minute. I was planning this trip a few months ago, and places close to the square were always able to be found.


Food and alcohol are relatively cheap. If you make your own food, it’s even cheaper. I personally recommend Ando’s. At Ando’s, I bought a burrito, two plates of pasta, two crepes, two beers and a desert for 40 lei ($10 USD). Not the healthiest option, but it fills you up. Ando’s offers cheap delivery, and is open 24/7.

The pubs are reasonably prices, and beer is cheap as well. Not ukraine-prices, but still affordable.

There are also several cafes close to the main square which have a good crowd during the day, but I didn’t spend too much time in them.


I don’t like to overhype places, but I feel like Brasov is a hidden oasis. The girls range from blonde/blue-eyed, to dark-black hair with brown eyes, or even blue eyes. It’s a hodge podge of beauty. I’ve been to other countries in Eastern Europe, but I don’t put many above Brasov. Girls are sweet, they dress nice, act feminine and are exceptionally nice and very receptive. I didn’t see many overweight women here, and the ones I did see seemed like foreigners. The level of english is high in the 18-25 age range, however any older and you’re shooting in the dark with whether or not they speak english.

I was thoroughly surprised when I came to Brasov, in terms of its level of quality. A quick browse on any online dating site will show you from the comfort of your own home the level of beauty in Brasov.

Night Game:

Night game in Brasov will be your main weapon on your road to pillaging the city. The girls LOVE western foreigners in this city. Based on my research, girls here are familiar with European tourists; Russians, Danes, Swedes etc… all come here frequently. Typically you’d assume that since most girls here are darker-complexion, you’d think that they like the blond ideal, however this is not true. Speak English, and they’ll be interested (although this doesn’t mean you don’t have to work). Also: let your foreigner status flow. I heard a story about an American yelling “I’m from New York” all night, which pissed off everyone in the club. Act normally, speak to the bartender, order your drink in english, and girls will naturally approach you.

Another aspect of night-game in a foreign country that I think is underrated is the concept of building up a social circle. When I got to Studio 80 in Brasov, I made it my goal to interact with everyone in the club. 30-minute in, I knew everyone and everyone knew me. This came back to help me later on.

Suggested night spots:

  • Dean’s
  • Studio 80
  • The Hockey Pub
  • I1 Caminetto
  • Time’s Pub

Day Game:

I’ve heard a lot of negative things about the day-game in Brasov, which is crazy in my opinion, but I think it depends on when you come and what you’re looking for. If you go during the summer, you’ll find mainly tourists. However, if you go during the winter, during the day you’ll have hundreds of university girls walking around the square all day. I spent a lot of time day gaming in Brasov, but not as much as I would have liked. If I knew how good the day time was for girls here, I would have scaled back my nighttime escapades.

There’s a University just a 10-minute walk from the main square, with ample opportunity for approaches. If you walk down the street adjacent to the square (George Baritiu) you’ll hit a busy street called Bulveradi Eroilor, which during the day is loaded with girls hanging out on the benches. I’d say 75% of my day-time approaches came from here.  Come during the winter, and visit these locations; you’ll be an approach machine, as your head swivels left and right scanning all of the opportunities.

Game that works:

A north-american style game works here, as most girls you’ll find in clubs are pretty immersed with western style movies, and their english is quite good. Stay away from asking her what she does from work, however. I made that mistake once and lost her interest pretty fast. As I said above, foreigner status is big here but let it flow naturally. Approaching girls here feels easier than in North America. They’re just so receptive and I don’t want to over-analyze things.  Funny-guy game styles work here, but I’d also recommend creating a nice social circle by circulating and making yourself known in the club.

In hindsight:

Looking back, if I had one recommendation for myself, it would be to utilize online game more. I started online-game a bit late, and had great results in a short period. The quality of girls in Brasov is high, and this is equated in online realm. I used Badoo, and for my bio I simply put that I was in town for a couple of months for business, and looking to meet a local to show me around, give me some tips etc…

I only had a two-week window, but girls were surprisingly down to meet up FAST. I started online-game on day 4 of my arrival, and ended up meeting with 4 girls for dates, sleeping with 2. Online game is powerful here, and you won’t be short on quality, or quantity.

For some reason Tinder hasn’t really hit Brasov. I used it, but only found <25 girls on it. So i’d avoid using that.


Brasov is an underrated oasis. Beautiful women, beautiful sights, cheap food, cheap drinks and an overall good atmosphere. It’s touristy but it’s weird in the sense that at night you rarely find tourists at clubs, or pubs. The one downside of visiting Brasov was the train from Bucharest. Going back, I’d likely rent a car as rentals are reasonably priced (saw a few rental companies offering cars for $120-USD for 14-days).

In the end, Romania isn’t a rich country, but the scenery is beautiful, along with the women. Looking back at the previous countries I’ve traveled to, it’s hard to find a country with women who look this good, and are this nice.

I plan to go back to Brasov in the near future, if only to stop on my way to Cluj.





2 thoughts on “Weekend Casanova Report: Romania, Brasov”

  1. Awesome report mate, I’m planning a visit for a week in mid-June followed by a week in Bucharest. My only reservation might be that this could be during their exams period so they mightn’t be out as much but I’m sure it won’t be a big issue!

    I’m 6’5, blonde, Aussie guy.. sounds like it won’t be too hard, like you say ‘let it happen’. Booked AirBnb just outside the square. Your report is pretty inspiring! Got me excited. Incidentally, I’ve tried using Tinder passport – which allows you to put your location anywhere in the world and my results have been limited to say the least so sounds like your experience has been the same. Bucharest however seems pretty decent. Looks like Badoo might be the go.


    1. Yeah, you’ll clean up.

      A problem they have with foreigners is the Americans who boast about being American. As long as you let it flow, they’ll be very receptive. Nice spot for an AirBnB as well. Don’t let them scam you on the taxi to your airbnb, if you’re near the area where I was which is what it seems like, it should be less than $20 CAD (close to the same AUD).

      – Bjørn


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