Seek Adventure: Don’t Be A Sheep

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” – Benjamin Franklin.

What’s crazy to me is that we spend three-quarters of our life saving for the last quarter. Roughly one-quarter of our life in school, and two-quarters as droning worker bees working to satisfy the wants of others.

Humans are conquerors. We’re explorers, and adventurers. How ashamed our ancestors would be of us to know that we live to work, seldom seeking out adventure in our day-to-day monotonous life.

Sitting here at a conference about the “Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources” I’m left thinking about how much I haven’t done. My goal was to see every country before I’m 40, and while I still have a lot of time, and am well on my way to my goal, I could be doing more.

A few weeks of travel and adventure a year isn’t enough. I need something more substantial. I need to experience other cultures, meet new people, new women, and explore.

As explorers, it’s in our nature to try new things, push new boundaries and test ourselves. The dull repetition of life that most people experience softens them. There’s no evolutionary benefit to being stuck in such a rut. The mind develops, and improves when being tested, and kicked in the ass. Scientists say the best way to improve your mind, is to break routine – something that the majority of the population doesn’t do.

If traveling to meet foreign women is your goal – there’s nothing wrong with that. You’ll be exposed to a different culture, and meet someone with new views. Again, the goal is adventure. Just break routine, and do something new.

Travel, or adventure, is less about finding yourself, and more about testing yourself and seeing what the world is about. So many people are comfortable in their little nook of the planet. They don’t seek to step outside of their electronically wired, padded comfort zone.

Make your goal this year to work towards experiencing something new, adventuring, and exploring. You’ll enjoy a more fulfilling life, exciting life.




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