Update: Headed To Kiev

Just a quick update:

My trip to Venezuela fell through due to exogenous reasons. I had to plan another trip, as I didn’t want to spend my vacation in Toronto – I decided on Kiev.

Kiev is a popular spot among Western men, and while there are a lot of opinions out there circulating about it, I wanted to do my own research.

I booked my flight last week, and spent the next few days deciding on where I want to stay. I ended up picking an apartment five minutes away from Independence Square, a logistically strategic point. There are several bars nearby, as well as restaurants and supermarkets. As well, it’s located close to a taxi station that just happened to be located a five-minute walk from where I am staying.

I chose an apartment over a hotel for the simple reason that having your own kitchen for a second date is crucial. Having an apartment already puts you above those staying in a hotel.

Planned Expenses:

Note: These are what I’m estimating. When I return from Kiev, I’ll post a full datasheet along with the associated costs.

Weekly budget – $500. This is broken down to include rent. Rent was a very cheap $380 for the month. That leaves a lot for food, drinks, and transportation which should be more than enough due to their currency plummeting. Locals I’ve been in contact with have told me that a taxi from the airport to where I’m staying should be around $10 CAD (35-minute cab ride). I’m aware I’ll likely get ‘gringo’ priced, but even then it won’t be nearly as expensive as in North America.

Monthly budget – $2,000. If you want to come here for a month, these seems like a reasonable amount. The monthly rate I was quoted for my place close to Independence Square was $380. For a prime location, this was a great price. In general, $200 for food and alcohol is a bit generous. I don’t feel I’ll spend that much per week, and should have some left over.


I’ve been pipelining for the past week, and have several dates set up for when I arrive in Kiev. My pipelining strategy is in general pretty strong. I’ll do a writeup on the strategies I use soon but in general this is the outline; contact girl via online source, get whatsapp info within the first 5 messages, start out with “I’m a friendly tourist here for business” banter, proceed after a few hours/a day, to more flirty, playful banter. I always suggest beer for a first meeting. I don’t do the ‘online screening’ that most guys do. I trust the pictures – worst case, you meet a girl who looks slightly worse than her photos. I don’t have time for coffee dates and usually cut those out entirely.

The plan is to stay a month, but no plan is certain. I’ll continue to update the blog while I’m there, and expect a mega-datasheet when I’m back!





2 thoughts on “Update: Headed To Kiev”

    1. Appreciate the tips!

      I have enough dates pre-planned though, so that I won’t have to worry about coming off as a sex tourist by prowling clubs alone. Day-game is likely going to be my focus anyways.


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