Femme Fatale

In Kiev, I met a girl so beautiful, so seductive, with a dash of crazy, that I knew I was in trouble. Her name was Katerina. I was drawn into her game.

I met Katerina on my Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Boryspil International Airport. She sat next to me, and just based on her appearance and manner, I figured she was a nice, sweet, innocent girl. In hindsight, making these assumptions about any Slavic girl can get you into some trouble.

Before takeoff, she offered me some gum, which I declined. She made attempts to talk to me before takeoff, but I was so jet lagged from my eight-hour flight from Toronto, and the nine-hour layover in Frankfurt that I barely acknowledged her.

The flight from Frankfurt to Boryspil is quite short, so they don’t offer a big meal, but they did offer a snack and a beverage. I took a miniature bottle of wine, and ate the food so fast that I didn’t think I tasted any of it. The wine and food woke me up, and I began engaging in her small talk.

She asked standard questions that you’d imagine hostel-goers to ask each other. “Why are you here?”, “what other countries have you seen?”

I gave standard replies – here for work, listed some countries, and then asked her what she recommends I see in Kiev. She gave me answers that I already knew – Chernobyl, Shevchenko Park, the War Museum, and other famous sites listed in every travel guide known to man.

She was very beautiful, and she didn’t talk too much, but she didn’t talk too little. I was very intrigued by Katerina, so intrigued that I asked for her number before landing. Katerina promised to show me all of the sights, bars and coffee shops that she frequented. She made it seem like she was interested, but at the same time she didn’t – she was seducing me without me even knowing it.

When the plane landed, and the fasten-your-seatbelt signal turned off, she put her hand on my thigh, stood up and said “I hope to see you soon” before leaving the plane. She was simultaneously giving me the “cute” and “naughty” vibes. I knew Slavic girls were different, as I had met them before – but Katerina was something else.

A few days passed by before I texted her:

“Hey you – it’s Remloh, your favourite guy from the plane”

“Hi)) I thought you would text me yesterday. What are you doing tonight”

“Just doing some work, but I’ll be done soon. Let’s grab a drink”

She went on to suggest Bar 13, a lounge-type bar not too far from where I was. We agreed to meet at 8:00PM. I had already been with a Ukrainian girl – my first night in Kiev I met a girl from online, and closed the deal within a few hours; so I was in no rush with Katerina.

When I arrived at the bar, she looked great. Katerina was wearing a nicely fitted black dress, with black heels – dressed to the nines. We sat down on a sofa-like lounge chair and I did my typical “You order me something. Surprise me” routine that girls love.

I had heard prior to my trip that Ukrainian girls were not into one-night-stands, but my research at this point in the trip had proven this to be false.

After just over an hour of small-talk, flirting, and escalation, I noticed that she kept biting her lip and staring at me, never checking her phone once.

“Why do you keep undressing me with your eyes” I joked

“you noticed?” she replied, not hiding anything. Her unabashed straightforwardness was something I wasn’t use to. Most girls play games, try to hide their feelings, and make you run through a labyrinth of nonsense before she reveals her feelings.

“Where do you live?” Katerina asked me before I could say anything else.

“You know Sofia Cathedral? Near there”

Now, I’m not naive – the thought crossed my mind that she could have been a professional, but I weighed the probabilities in my head and decided that she wasn’t. Worst case we’d get to my place and she’d reveal her intentions there – best case, I sleep with a beautiful Ukrainian girl.

Katerina whipped out her phone, opened up the Ukrainian version of Uber and ordered us a cab. We were headed back to my place. The pretense of heading to my place was to show her my flat, but I’m 100% positive that we both knew that wouldn’t happen.

We get to my place, sit on the couch, and I make her a drink. I went to the washroom, came back out and sat next to her. We talked for 30-minutes, I showed her some music from Canada, and I could see the wheels spinning in her head. I have a sick tendency to tease a girl endlessly if I know she want’s me – I made Katerina wait.

I put on another song, and went to get another drink. As I was pouring the drink, I felt a hand on my shoulder. She turned me around, kissed me and began undressing. She had reached her breaking point.

We fucked in the kitchen, and then in the bedroom. My flat was a mezzanine style, however, so climbing the stairs which were strung together by zipties was terrifying with a girl on me. As we lay in bed after trying what felt like dozens of sex positions, she blurted out to me “Ok, I have to go now. My boyfriend will worry”

“Uhm, you have a boyfriend? Not that I care, but you could have told me before”

“What would that have changed?” she said.

“Nothing. Probably would have turned me on more, but it’s just nice to know” I laughed.

“Don’t worry baby, I told him I was with you”.

One thing I know about Ukrainian men is that they are very aggressive in protecting their women. Ukrainian men have no problem cheating on their girlfriends, but a girl cheating on them? No way. This girl was so sexy, so seductive, and so good in bed that despite my brain telling me no, I ignored the red flags and decided to keep seeing her. She took a cab, and left.

The next day I get a text “Hi), I’m going to the club tonight with some girls you should come” I said yes.

I arrived at the club, and again, she was looking stunning, waiting for me outside the club. I didn’t have a local number, so I could only use WhatsApp on WiFi to contact her – it was easiest if she waited outside instead of me having to find her in the club.

The bouncers didn’t face-check me, and let us in no problem. We get in, and all of her friends introduce themselves to me, ordering shots, drinks, and more drinks. The song “Mama Luba” comes on and all of the girls go to the dance floor. Katerina looks at me, then does a seductive dance while smiling – she knew I wanted her.

When she came back, she did something that I thought I’d be made about, but wasn’t. I used this with other girls during my stay in Kiev, and was turned on by it somehow. Katerina went over to two businessmen drinking by the bar, and began flirting with them. At first I was a bit pissed off, but every few seconds she’d look at me and wink. I didn’t know what she was doing at first.

Eventually she returned to me and asked “how did that make you feel”.

“I liked it. Because I know these guys crave you but can’t have you” I said. She seemed to like the response and began kissing my neck passionately. Something about having men want your girl, but who can’t have her enticed me. I would feel bad if I was in those guys’ position, but I wasn’t.

Every Time I was with Katerina, her personality showed more and more. She was sadistic but kind, passionate but cold, and crazy. She let me be the man – when I wanted her, she’d obey. Our connection was purely physical, but it wasn’t that shallow – we’d do things like see some sights, hangout with her friends, but in general we couldn’t wait until we were alone. I slept with a couple of girls my first week in Kiev, but none like Katerina. I’d go out in the day so satisfied that I barely approached.

Her boyfriend started to get mad that we were hanging out so much, and she began having emotional spikes. Her seductive personality remained, but she began drawing me into the drama with her boyfriend. He wanted her to stop seeing me, but she kept doing it anyways. I had been seeing her for a week, and the game was starting to end. I didn’t like all of the drama she was causing, and I had a few encounters at bars where she took the game too far, causing me to get into arguments with Ukrainian guys who said that Katerina was theirs. I approached her once as she was doing her usual flirt routine with a couple of Ukrainian guys, she said she didn’t know me and the guys started to get mad that I was trying to steal her.

Sexually, she was the best I had ever had – she satisfied me with a mixture of rough and passionate sex. I had to weigh the options in my head. If I kept up with Katerina, chances are I’d end up in the hospital one way or another, if I left her, I’d lose out on the fun – the game, the sex…The logical side of me decided I need to cut her off.

I sent her a text:

“Katerina, we need to stop seeing each other. You have a boyfriend, and I’m leaving this week.”

It was a short, simple text all wrapped up in a lie. Her boyfriend wasn’t the reason I was leaving – it was her crazy need to play the game – push, pull. She took her sadistic nature too far sometimes, and while I did like it; I didn’t want to spend my entire trip to Kiev dealing with the drama that came along with it.

I haven’t spoken to her since.





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