Game Theory: Don’t Stay Complacent

Complacency is a killer – it destroys empires, and has caused the downfall of the greatest men in history.  Nothing and no one is immune to complacency – not even game.

Every man will, at some point, have a steady rotation of women that he sees intermittently. While this is a good thing, what happens is that over time, you become complacent. When you go out to a bar, or club, your approaches will be half-assed. You’ll have no desire to approach because you know in the back of your head that you have a sure-thing waiting for you if you fail.

This was applicable to me over the past few months. I had a solid rotation of women, and whenever I went out – my desire to approach was minimal. If I failed – I’d call up girl x, or girl y. It was easy, and life was good.

What happens, however, is that stagnation began to seep in. The marginal benefit that I received from each girl was diminishing. I’d see girls on the street that I’d normally approach – but for some reason I wouldn’t. Being comfortable is a dangerous feeling.

It reached a point a few weeks ago, where I felt I needed to restart. I ended the ‘relationships’ with each girl, and decided to start out anew, and it felt great. Whenever  I go out now, I’m excited to approach – it’s like I’ve just recently been introduced to game.

I truly believe that unless you’re planning to make one of the girls you’re seeing your girlfriend, that you should only see each girl for a maximum of three months. Doing this, you’ll allow yourself to experience the pleasure of having several girls in your rotation, while at the same time never staying complacent.




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