Bjørn Pedersen AKA, The Weekend Casanova;

I imagine a day where I can travel the world 365 days a year, meeting new, exotic women daily.. That day, however, isn’t right now. But does that mean that we should cease our pursuit of exotic women? No.

This is for men who want more adventure in their lives. This site is for the everyday man who wants to explore, travel, and experience new things.

I work in the investment industry here in Canada, and I travel frequently to foreign countries, staying in each place for two-three weeks at a time. My goal is to put out content that will allow you to be able to visit a country, and know exactly where the best spots are for women, sightseeing, and overall adventure. I’ll also be posting about self-development, my thoughts on game, and life in general.

We’re all living for the same dream fellas’.

Twitter – @WeekendCasanova

Email – WeekendCasanova@Outlook.com