Femme Fatale

In Kiev, I met a girl so beautiful, so seductive, with a dash of crazy, that I knew I was in trouble. Her name was Katerina. I was drawn into her game.

I met Katerina on my Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Boryspil International Airport. She sat next to me, and just based on her appearance and manner, I figured she was a nice, sweet, innocent girl. In hindsight, making these assumptions about any Slavic girl can get you into some trouble.

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Saturday Night In Kiev: A Tale Of Two Girls

My second week in Kiev I scheduled a date with a cute local girl, named Maria. I met her online, and was talking to her a week before my trip to Kiev. She was going to a bar called Banka near the University, and I was set to meet her, with a couple of her friends for a birthday.

I arrived a bit early with my wingman, Alex, and we grabbed a couple of drinks. Maria came in, sat down with her friends, I told her I’d come over in a bit. I wanted to play it a bit coy, like I didn’t care that she was there. She kept looking over at me, but I ignored, sat and drank my Cuba Libre (Rum and Coke), and talked to Alex.

Half-hour passed by, and Maria went out to go for a smoke. Seeing this as an excellent opportunity to avoid being the dancing monkey for her friends, I scurry outside and begin chatting with her, exchanging hugs.

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Update: Headed To Kiev

Just a quick update:

My trip to Venezuela fell through due to exogenous reasons. I had to plan another trip, as I didn’t want to spend my vacation in Toronto – I decided on Kiev.

Kiev is a popular spot among Western men, and while there are a lot of opinions out there circulating about it, I wanted to do my own research.

I booked my flight last week, and spent the next few days deciding on where I want to stay. I ended up picking an apartment five minutes away from Independence Square, a logistically strategic point. There are several bars nearby, as well as restaurants and supermarkets. As well, it’s located close to a taxi station that just happened to be located a five-minute walk from where I am staying.

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Seek Adventure: Don’t Be A Sheep

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” – Benjamin Franklin.

What’s crazy to me is that we spend three-quarters of our life saving for the last quarter. Roughly one-quarter of our life in school, and two-quarters as droning worker bees working to satisfy the wants of others.

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How To Create Social Circles While Traveling

I can’t stress enough how important creating a social circle is, while abroad on your pursuit to meet, and hopefully sleep with foreign women.

Traveling to a foreign country if it’s your first time, or even if you’re a veteran conquistador can be exciting, and nerve wracking all at the same time.

I’ve met with a lot of people abroad who simply ignore this aspect of ‘game’ as soon as they leave the confines of suburbia. If you’re gaming on your home-turf, creating a social circle(or social hub) is a good weapon in your toolbox, so it shouldn’t be any different abroad.

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