Game Theory: Don’t Stay Complacent

Complacency is a killer – it destroys empires, and has caused the downfall of the greatest men in history.  Nothing and no one is immune to complacency – not even game.

Every man will, at some point, have a steady rotation of women that he sees intermittently. While this is a good thing, what happens is that over time, you become complacent. When you go out to a bar, or club, your approaches will be half-assed. You’ll have no desire to approach because you know in the back of your head that you have a sure-thing waiting for you if you fail.

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Femme Fatale

In Kiev, I met a girl so beautiful, so seductive, with a dash of crazy, that I knew I was in trouble. Her name was Katerina. I was drawn into her game.

I met Katerina on my Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Boryspil International Airport. She sat next to me, and just based on her appearance and manner, I figured she was a nice, sweet, innocent girl. In hindsight, making these assumptions about any Slavic girl can get you into some trouble.

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Saturday Night In Kiev: A Tale Of Two Girls

My second week in Kiev I scheduled a date with a cute local girl, named Maria. I met her online, and was talking to her a week before my trip to Kiev. She was going to a bar called Banka near the University, and I was set to meet her, with a couple of her friends for a birthday.

I arrived a bit early with my wingman, Alex, and we grabbed a couple of drinks. Maria came in, sat down with her friends, I told her I’d come over in a bit. I wanted to play it a bit coy, like I didn’t care that she was there. She kept looking over at me, but I ignored, sat and drank my Cuba Libre (Rum and Coke), and talked to Alex.

Half-hour passed by, and Maria went out to go for a smoke. Seeing this as an excellent opportunity to avoid being the dancing monkey for her friends, I scurry outside and begin chatting with her, exchanging hugs.

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How To Create Social Circles While Traveling

I can’t stress enough how important creating a social circle is, while abroad on your pursuit to meet, and hopefully sleep with foreign women.

Traveling to a foreign country if it’s your first time, or even if you’re a veteran conquistador can be exciting, and nerve wracking all at the same time.

I’ve met with a lot of people abroad who simply ignore this aspect of ‘game’ as soon as they leave the confines of suburbia. If you’re gaming on your home-turf, creating a social circle(or social hub) is a good weapon in your toolbox, so it shouldn’t be any different abroad.

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Weekend Casanova Report: Romania, Brasov

Brasov is located in central Romania, and is perhaps one of the most desirable cities in Romania, as well as one of the last true livable medieval cities in the world. It’s a picturesque city surrounded by mountains and 14th-century Saxon buildings. It’s a popular destination for tourists in Europe during all seasons. During the winter, tourists come to ski on the nearby mountains, and during the summer, Mount Tampa is a big draw. Fairly hidden from Western tourists, however, I decided to take a two-week trip into the heart of Transylvania to see what it had to offer in terms of women, as well as taking in a few sights here and there.

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